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Deon Quinn
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Letter From Deon Quinn, ACET President

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Greetings ACET Members and Guests!

We are thrilled to welcome all of you back to our first in-person conference experience since 2019!  Being apart the last two years, we learned just how resilient our organization and its members truly are.  Through it all, ACET remained dedicated to meeting our goal of providing timely professional development that will impact and shape the lives of young people for a lifetime.

Our members have inspired our spring conference theme, “Agents of Change in Evolving Times.”  During some of the most difficult and challenging times of our lives, we have pivoted in ways that have changed our daily routines, and mindsets.  We’ve discovered just how creative we really are when faced with tough challenges.

Gathering together in San Marcos will give us a chance to share outside-of-the-box ideas for evolving times.  Think about what being an agent of change means for you.  Share your thoughts via Twitter.  Be sure to tag us @ ACETxorg.  I look forward to seeing you in San Marcos!


Deon Quinn, ACET President


Letter from Shirley Coleman, ACET Executive Director

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Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to a new year at ACET.  We are excited to be planning a face-to-face conference for this spring.  We are in hopes that all of you will feel comfortable in attending this event.

Our theme for this conference is “Agents of Change in Evolving Times”.  We all know  how we do our work has certainly changed this past two years as we evolved into a “new normal”.  We have seen teaching methodology change as well as how we handle our everyday business.  Things moved from the office and school setting to being at home and trying to meet the needs of those around us.  For many of us, we are still evolving as we try to determine what we are going to look like in the future.

We hope that you will attend the conference to hear how the Texas Education Agency and your fellow program directors have handled or are planning to handle the changes that are likely in our future.  As always, TEA will be present to provide the latest updates on changes at the state and federal levels.

Come and join us as we continue to be “Agents of Change in Evolving Times.”

See you in San Marcos, April 26th-29th!

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Over the past 40+ years, the Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas has helped thousands of educators provide programs for educationally disadvantaged children in Texas. ACET is committed to ensure that all children from Texas reach the pinnacle of success.